More of you are buying computers that are unable to run
the games of the moment in reasonable graphics. The reason? A low budget and
more and more expensive components. Today many console and mobile users are
switching to PC. Are you one of these users? Your budget is limited, so buying
second hand is the best solution.

Buying computer equipment is not always easy. Not everyone is a
computer technician. There are certain points to check carefully when buying a
used computer.

The screen: it can be a flat screen LCD or a cathode ray tube (CRT)
screen. The choice is yours. However, a flat screen is advisable, because
already it is less bulky but the picture quality is good. CRT screens are
getting older and outdated.

The graphic card: the choice of the graphic card depends on your
need concerning the computer. If you need a computer for basic use in the
office or internet genre, an ordinary graphics card will do. On the other hand,
if you work in imaging or are a “gamer”, choose a more powerful
graphics card with good image quality. Make sure that the graphics card is in
good condition, in any case.

The motherboard: this is the central element of the machine.
Indeed, all the elements are connected to the motherboard. Thus, in order to
ensure the power of the PC, a motherboard with sufficient or medium space is
recommended. In this way, you can add RAM if necessary. For office use, there
are motherboards with a network card or an integrated video chip. On the other
hand, the ATX standard is the most suitable for guaranteed performance.

The processor: Intel and AMD are the only ones offering processors.
The processor is the part that performs all the calculations, the central
processing unit. So, in a way, it is the brain of the computer. It’s quite
difficult to replace it, so you have to choose one that works perfectly. There
are processors: mono core (one core), dual core (2 cores), and quad core (4
cores) are the most powerful. PCs built since 2010 have quad core processors.

The RAM: this is the RAM in the current language, it is the latter
that allows the processor to operate efficiently. The standard is a 2GB RAM to
have a PC that works perfectly, with a RAM lower than this index: it’s enough
to tear your hair out. But don’t worry, RAM can be easily added depending on
the capacity of your motherboard. The current standard is DDR-SDRAM.

The hard disk: this is the storage space of your computer. You can
add an external hard drive if you don’t have much space left. A hard disk of
300 GB is the recommended minimum.

The sound card: the original integrated sound card is adapted for a
basic use of a computer. It is up to you if you want to add an external sound
card for a “home studio” version.

The operating system: often delivered with the PC and called OS in
the current language, the operating system is a set of programs that control
the capacity of a computer (by software or applications). The best known are :
Windows, Mac OS and Android.

The power supply: for a good functioning, each element of the PC
must be powered. In general, 350 W power supplies are sufficient.

The keyboard and mouse: essential for a desktop PC, these elements
are necessary to control the computer. They can be purchased separately, you
can choose to take an AZERTY or QWERTY keyboard, a wireless or optical mouse.

Here you are informed about the necessary components of a computer.